2015 Best Vape Pen Guide

2015 Best Vape Pen Guide (Dry Herb, Wax, and E-liquid)

This article is our latest guide of 2015 in order to help you choose the best vape pen. Before you can choice the best one for you, it’s important you understand what type of pen you’re looking for. The reason for this is because terms vapor pen, vape pen, and vaporizer pen are all thrown all loosely and can often mean different things. We have created a vape pen explanation page to help show the differences.

There are 3 different types of vape pens available on the market. There are E-liquid vape pens, dry herb vape pens, and wax / dab pen vape pens.

Best Vape Pens For E-liquid

These vape pens are designed only to be used with your favorite E-liquids. You will find that the majority of them are very similar in function. This section is coming soon as the list is updated.

Best Vape Pen For Dry Herbs

These are pens designed to be strictly with dry herbs. It is important to note that the majority of vape pens that are advertised for dry herbs actually are more like electric pipes that will have combustion instead of producing pure vapor. This is because many of them, such as the Atmos Raw, utilize a heating coil that will directly touch and burn your weed (these type of pens actually function better as a wax vaporizer).

However, there are a few vape pens that have recently hit the market that will truly vaporize your dry herbs. Our top picks are:

Low Price Range- Atmos Jump $59.95

The Atmos Jump is a brand new dry herb vape pen that is being sold at retail $59.95. It features a carbon fiber body and is powered by a 1200mAh battery. The battery for this unit is very solid and can easily last through 2-3 days of steady use. This is extremely impressive considering that nearly all portable vaporizers have a short battery life with some only lasting for a few couple uses. Additionally, it utilizes an anodized heating chamber that will evenly heat your weed without any risk of burning it. This results in a solid vapor production that easily matches the quality of some of the more expensive models out there. The only real drawback to this vape pen is that the herb chamber is rather small and only hold approximately .2 – .3 grams. Because of this it’s much better for personal use rather then in a group setting.

Overall, the Jump is by far the cheapest dry herb vape pen to hit the market and easily one of the best deals out there.

Mid Range – Atmos Boss $129.95

The Atmos Boss is very sleek vape pen that can be purchased for $119.95. It is light-weight and incredibly discreet as it shaped very similar to an E-cig. It utilizes a stainless steel heating chamber that will evenly heat up your herbs without any risk of combustion. It has a rapid heat-up time of only 35 seconds and is capable of producing some solid vapor. The Boss is relatively easy to use and does not require much maintenance, making it a great choice for all.

High Price Range – N/a

Unfortunately there are no super high quality vape pens for dry herbs currently available. However, there are still plenty of portable options out there that are not shaped like a pen. We recommend checking out best portable vaporizers guide to learn more (coming soon!)

Best Vape Pens For Wax

These are vape pens designed use with wax concentrates and are also known as dab pens.

Low Price Range – Dube XS Vaporizer $29.95

The Dube XS is the smaller version of the original Dube vaporizer manufactured by White Rhino. This device is ultra slim and looks just like an E-cig, making it super discreet. It is available in 7 different colors, giving you a variety to choose from. It utilizes an open atomizer as the heating mechanism . One of the best qualities of this unit is that it the tip on the mouthpiece is made of rubber as opposed to plastic. There is nothing too special to note about the Dube XS but is certainly a great unit for the price and definitely should be considered for those on a very strict budget.

Mid Price Range – Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer $69.95

The Dr Dabber Ghost is one of the most popular dab pens currently on the market and for good reason. For the heating mechanism, it utilizes a high resistance titanium coil that is perfectly wrapped over the wick. The pen operates at a lower temperature then most others which allows it to preserve the flavor of your concentrates while still producing huge vapor hits. The battery on the Dr. Dabber is also very solid and can last through several days of consistent use.

High Price Range – Delta Persei Vaporizer-kit $129.95

The Persei vaporizer is one of the best wax vape pens available to date and consequently one of the most expensive. It is manufactured by a company called Delta who have a reputation for making the highest quality dab pens. This unit is made from aircraft grade aluminum with industry leading electronics. If that’s not enough, the Persei also utilizes the Kiss cartridge. This cartridge is one of the best atomizers because it uses Titanium Grade 2 heating wires and ceramic wicks. It is also capable of producing monster hits.

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