Atmos Orbit Review

The Atmos Orbit is very similar to another Atmos product: the Transporter. These two vapes work in about the same way, with minor technical ad aesthetic differences. If you are thinking about buying this particular vape, I would recommend checking out our review for the Atmos Transporter as well. The appearance differences can be a big deal for a lot of vape users, especially if you are looking for something stealthier and easier to keep out of sight. Since there are so many similarities between both the Transporter and the Orbit, take note of differences to decide which one is best for you!

Battery Life

The Atmos Orbit uses a 900mAh battery. This vape takes less time to initially charge than other Atmos products, which can take three to four hours to start up the battery before your first use. The Orbit’s battery only needs one to two hours to charge at first. This is great if you want to use your new vape shortly after purchase, or if you have little time to charge it. As with the Atmos Transporter, the Orbit’s power light will glow red while it is charging and then will turn green to indicate that its battery is fully charged. Wait for the light to be green before you unplug the Orbit from the charger so that it will last as long as possible, and make sure not to overcharge.

When the Orbit needs to be charged, the LED power light will flash red. This feature is also seen in the Transporter, and is a great (very noticeable) way to let you know that the battery is running low.

Using the Atmos Orbit

Like the Atmos Transporter, the Orbit only has one power button on the outside to deal with. I personally love this feature because it makes the vape so easy to use. To unlock (or turn on) this vape, press the power button five times consecutively. This won’t active the heating chamber or begin vaping your herbs, but it will get the vape started. You can unlock the Orbit (or the Transporter, for that matter!) before or after you load your herbs; either way works fine.

To load the Orbit, unscrew the mouthpiece at the top of the vaporizer by turning it counterclockwise. Then you can load your dry herbs into the revealed chamber, being sure not to over pack or pack too tightly. Apply a bit of gentle pressure with your finger to the herbs, so that you can fit more in the chamber, but do not do so harshly or forcefully. After you screw the mouthpiece back on and are ready to begin your vaping experience, hold down the power button for three to five seconds to activate the heating chamber. Make sure the Orbit is turned on before you do this, otherwise nothing will happen and you won’t receive any vapor! The power button will glow red while the Orbit is heating up, then will turn green to indicate that it is ready to go. Vape for as long as you please, and then hold the power button down for another three to five seconds to deactivate the heating chamber. Similar to the Transporter, the Orbit tends to automatically turn off after a couple minutes. When you are finished vaping, turning off the Orbit is the same as turning it on: press the power button five times in quick succession. This entire method is almost identical to that of the Atmos Transporter, except for the placement of the heating chamber.

Temperature Range

The temperature setting for the Orbit is the same as for the Transporter: a preset temperature around 380 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no getting around this temperature for this vape, but you can decide if this is a good or bad thing. Luckily, the temperature setting is fairly normal for vaporizers and altogether very efficient. On vaporizers that feature multiple temperature settings, 380 degrees Fahrenheit is generally in the middle of the higher and lower options.

Vapor Quality

I find that you have to inhale very hard and long in order to get any vapor. The vapor is also fairly hot, since the heating chamber is located directly under the mouthpiece. However, you should get some vapor and definitely a bit of flavor.

Price & Warranty

The Atmos Orbit is selling for $169.95 on Vaporizer Chief. Its warranty lasts for 30 days after the original purchase date, so be sure to quickly assess whether you want to keep this vape after you buy it.

Final Thoughts

The Atmos Orbit is a great vaporizer, though not very unique. Be careful using it for long sessions, because the vape itself can get very hot. This is, of course, because of the placement of the heating chamber. The Orbit does come with a sleeve to cover the upper half of the vape, which helps keep the heat inside. This will help you be able to hold the Orbit more comfortably.

The appearance of this vape is very appealing, as it resembles a vape pen. One downside is the weight of the Orbit; it is relatively heavy compared to other vapes. However, this appearance does make it very stealthy and could even pass for an e-cig.

If you are looking into buying this vape, be sure to compare it thoroughly with the Atmos Transporter. The review for that vape is also available on our site, though I have tried to note as many differences in this review as possible. Enjoy!

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