Atmos Raw Rx Review

The Atmos Raw was one of the first vapor pens on the market that allows you to vaporize dry herbs as well as wax & oil concentrates. This unit is not only extremely versatile, but also has a fantastic light-weight design making it both portable and attractive.


The Atmos Raw is a highly portable unit that is comparable in size to a black sharpie pen. It is packaged similar to Apple-made products and also available in a multitude of colors.

Ease of use

The Atmos Raw is similar to the Micro G pen in the fact that it comes ready to use right out of the box. It basically has 3 pieces that need to be connected and then you’re good to go. The first step is to connect the self-contained battery into the USB wall charger. Once the battery is charged, you connect it to the ceramic heating chamber and then attach that piece to the chamber connector. This entire process can be done with your hands and completed in less than 30 seconds. Once your Atmos Raw is setup, all you need to do is press the black button and you’re ready to vape.

Loading the chamber with your dry herbs is pretty simple as well. The only potential drawback I could anticipate some people having is that the chamber is rather small, so you cannot pack a large amount with over-stuffing it. However, I wouldn’t view this as a con as the unit conserves your goods while still producing big hits.

Vapor & Taste

Atmos Raw

It is time to examine one of the biggest debates regarding the Atmos Raw. The unit is advertised as the first vape pen to be compatible with dry herbs, which is definitely true. However, there have been numerous claims that the Atmos Rx actually burns the herbs (same as smoking) rather than vaporizing it. In response to these claims, Atmos has started providing a glass screen with their kits to prevent this from happening. After testing the unit with the screen, I have found it to still be combusting rather than truly vaporizing which means it functions more as an electronics pipe rather than a true vapor pen.

With that being said, I still think this a great unit and very convenient for those looking for a wax vape pen. It produces giant hits (thick smoke) while still allowing you to enjoy the taste of your concentrates.


The Atmos Raw has an extremely efficient design. They have their own patent for the heating chamber which has a hand-made ceramic core unlike any other portable vaporizer pen. It also comes with a lithium ion battery that provides long-lasting use on a single charge. It also has a very cool blue LED light on the end of the battery which glows every time you use the unit while simultaneously acting as an alert system to inform you when the battery is need of a re-charge.


My personal experience with the Atmos Raw unit has lead me to believe that it is very durable. However, I have read multiple reviews of customers claiming that certain parts have broke or stopped working. Overall, there seem to be a lot of mixed opinions in this regard. The good news is that Atmos will replace any defective parts within the first 30 days and also offer a 1 year replacement program covering the battery, USB, and ceramic heating chamber.


If you’re looking to buy an affordable vape pen that is compatible with dry herbs and you’re not particular between vaping or smoking, this is definitely one of the best units available. It has a great design that is not only appealing but discreet is well. The Atmos Raw also pulls one of the clearest tastes from the concentrates out of all of the vaporizer pens we have tested.

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