Atmos Transporter Review

The Atmos Transporter is an easy, efficient, beginner-type vaporizer. It has minimal setting options, making it great for people who don’t like to make decisions or for those who enjoy simplicity.

Battery Life

The Atmos Transporter uses a 2600mAh battery. It will need to be charged for about 4 hours when you first purchase your Transporter, as this prolonged charging will help warm up the battery for all future use. After this initial charging, the battery will not need so long to charge. This is similar to any cell phone battery, which needs time to start up when you first buy it. You’ll notice that the power button will glow red while the battery is charging, but will turn green once the battery it completely charged. This is always a nice feature, as it clearly indicates when you can take the Transporter off the charger. Be sure to take the battery off the charger quickly after you see the power light turn green. Overcharging is very bad for the battery, and should be avoided as much as possible!

As with other vapes, you’ll be able to tell when the Transporter needs charging because it will produce noticeably less vapor. However, this can be hard to gauge for beginners. Another great way to tell when the Transporter needs to be charged is, again, by observing the power light. This LED light will flash red when the battery is low, indicating that your session will need to come to a close to prepare for future use.

Using the Atmos Transporter

This vape is fairly easy to use, as there is only one outer button: the power button (just like the Atmos Orbit). Some vaporizers have numerous buttons on the outside, which can make it a bit difficult to use if you are not familiar with various types of vapes. In order to turn the Transporter on or off, simply press this button five times in quick succession.

Before you turn your vape on, however, you’ll need to load it with dry herbs of your choosing. To load the Transporter, hold the vape upside down and slide open the compartment lid at the bottom. This lid is connected at the right side (if you are holding the vaporizer with the logo facing away from you), so it works best to slide the end on the opposite side away from or toward you. It works almost as if on a swivel. You can now place your dry herbs in this revealed chamber, packing gently to insure maximum storage. Then close the lid and hold down the power button for about three to five seconds, which will active the heating chamber. The LED light will glow a solid red, showing that the vape is heating. When the Transporter is heated up and ready to go, the power button will turn a solid green color. Take the cover off of the mouthpiece, and you are now free to vape for as long as you like or until the battery runs out. Do be aware, however, that the Transporter turns off automatically after about two minutes. Pressing the power button will also deactivate the heating chamber when you are finished vaping at the end of your session.

Temperature Range

The Transporter has one preset heating temperature, which is around 380 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a fairly normal temperature for vaporizers, and you will find the option for this temperature (or somewhere around there) in almost all vapes. The one preset temperature setting has both its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, you don’t have to worry about finding that perfect temperature or dealing with multiple temperature settings. On the other hand, you don’t even have that option. This vape may not be for you if you like to personalize, but is good if you like standard settings. This is also good for beginners, especially if you aren’t yet sure how you like to vape. Some people like short sessions with very high heat, while others like prolonged, casual sessions on a lower heat temperature. Preference is completely up to you!

Vapor Quality

The Atmos Transporter produces a good amount of vapor, but not a ton. You should definitely be able to see some. If not, re-open the mouthpiece and make sure that your herbs are packed down enough. Inhaling slowly (but also pulling hard) will give you more vapor and maximize the effects.

Price & Warranty

The Atmos Transporter is selling on Vaporizer Chief for $119.95. The warranty on this vape, as well as other Atmos products, lasts for 30 days after the purchasing date.

Final Thoughts

This vape is wonderful for simplicity and efficient vaping. It doesn’t offer as many options as other vapes do, and this can be a real problem for some people. I, however, enjoy the ease of using the Transporter, especially because of the preset temperature setting. This feature makes the Transporter a pretty standard vape.

As far as appearances go, the Transporter reminds me a bit of a flask. It has a nice look to it: very sleek and simple. The placement of the heating chamber at the bottom of the vape helps keep the vapor cooler than a lot of other vapes, as many others have their heating chambers located toward the top.

The Atmos Transporter is altogether a very easy but efficient vaporizer, and I would definitely recommend it to beginners or even users who just enjoy simplicity. This may not be the vape for you if you like to personalize your vape experience, especially with temperature settings. However, the Transporter is definitely better quality than most Atmos Products, and it will not disappoint.

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