Boundless CF Vaporizer Review

Boundless Technology, new to vape world has released the Boundless CF portable vaporizer and it’s one that’s making a statement. A reasonable price tag along with killer design and efficiency has had this vaporizer competing with the higher priced units and in some cases it might even be a better buy. Fast heat up time, fast charging and long-lasting use of the device, are among the qualities that make this portable vaporizer a force to be reckoned with.


What’s in the Box

– The Boundless CF Vaporizer

– Instruction Manual

– Micro USB charging cable

–  A chamber tool and a cleaning brush

– Wax/Concentrate Pod



The CF is very portable and can easily be passed off as an e cigarette box style vaporizer. Weighing no more than your typical cell phone, this unit can easily be stored in a pocket, handbag or purse. It fits perfectly in your hand while in use and its design is perfect for carry with no loss of material in transit or having worry about it getting damaged. The CF is a very efficient vaporizer only 5 taps of the power button to turn it on and it heats up fast, VERY FAST it’s ready for use in about 15 to 20 seconds. Covered in a rubberlike material, like the material used on phone cases, makes it very easy to hold and grip while using it and it keeps a lot of the heat load off your hands. Also, the rotating mouthpiece is very convenient, it swivels out very easily for a hit and you just spin it back when you’re done.


Ease of Use

There are 5 Temperature settings on the CF (355F, 370F, 385F, 400F, 415F and the Celsius for each temp is labeled as well) and they are very easy to change just tapping the power button twice to scroll through each temp while the unit is on. The heat up time is probably the fastest I have seen in any unit from powering it on, it is ready to use in about 20 seconds. I would say the oven on this unit is decently sized, it can hold up to about 0.5 grams to 0.7 grams of dry herb easily. However, you could still vape way less in a personal session and still be satisfied if you are trying to conserve your buds. The little waxy oil chamber is cool as well, you fill it up with either oil on the cotton or you put your wax on the lid of the chamber, and you insert the chamber in the oven lid down.


Vapor Quality

The Vapor quality from this unit is far better than you would expect. The flavor from this unit is GREAT! You get an awesome terpene profile from each herb you pack into the device and the flavor lingers through easily mid session depending how much material is used. It also hits very smooth and isn’t really harsh unless you have it on it’s highest heat setting and even then it’s still not as bad as other units.


Battery Life

The battery lasts a good amount of time and can run about 10 sessions or more from a fully charged battery depending at which temperature you use. It has a 5 minute cut off incase you forget to turn the unit off which conveniently helps conserve the battery life. Charging the unit is easy as well, it uses a micro USB charger so if you don’t happen to have the charger that came with it with you, you can use any micro USB charger to charge the unit. The unit charges fast from zero battery to full charge in just less than 2 hours.


Where to buy the Boundless CF?

The best site to get your Boundless CF is Vaporizer Chief. They quick and discrete shipping makes it easier for me to avoid any inconvenience. Their 30 day warranty assures me that they take care of their customers. Plus, their customer service rep replies to inquiries within 24 hours.


Final Thoughts

There isn’t much to say negatively about this unit except that it doesn’t have a battery indicator and occasionally the mouthpiece gets clogged with bud. All in all though, this unit is a great value! For the price you definitely could not ask for more with it’s fast heat up time, battery life, great terpene flavor, and large oven capacity. It is defiantly one of, if not the most efficient vaporizer at its price range.

5 Total Score

User Rating: 5 (1 votes)