Boundless CFV Vaporizer Review

The Boundless CFV

The Boundless CFV Vaporizer is a full convection portable dry herb vaporizer that has precise digital temperature control, and a fast heat up time of around 30 seconds from powering on to first hit. The Boundless CFV also has Heat retention rings that will sit inside the oven and changes the flavor of the vapor for ideal taste and quaility. The CFV comes with one quartz ring and 3 wood heat retention rings. You can for sure taste a cleaner hit of terpene flavor using either of them (wood or quartz) and get better vapor quality compared to using the standard oven.




What’s in the Box

– The Boundless CFV Vaporizer

– Instruction Manual

– Micro USB charging cable

– A chamber tool and a cleaning brush

– Replacement screens

– Replacement rubber bands

– A tool to disassemble the chamber

– One quartz flavor ring, and three wood rings

– One loading ring that will help pack the oven neatly



The design of the CFV is similar to the Boundless CF and the CFX. The front side of the vaporizer displays three activation buttons, and the charging port. The chamber of the CFV is underneath the mouthpiece, you open it by turning the top part of the unit (similar to the Boundless CF and the CFX).

The CFV is a convection vaporizer, meaning that the heat is generated outside the chamber and then the air is sucked in from the bottom passing through the heating element, and then through the chamber to the mouthpiece. As opposed to Conduction Vaporizers which are like a hot plates in a way and can expose parts of the herb to hotter temperatures too fast depending on the distance from the conduction source.


Ease Of Use

To load the CFV with dry herb you can use the loading ring provided it helps the herb slide right into the chamber for quick easy packing. It can hold about .5 to .7 grams of fine grinded dry herb. The CFV works best with a full but lightly packed chamber so the airflows easily. Grind the herb before loading and stir it up for best results The Boundless has a power button and two selection buttons. To turn it on, press the power button five times rapidly.. The display will show the temperature as the CFV is heating up. You can.

To turn the unit on click the main power button 5 times it will turn on and start heating up to the set temperature. Set your desired temperature using the selection buttons below the digital display. The CFV will heat up to that temperature in about 30 seconds and display a small heat wave icon once reached. Activate the standby mode by holding the power button for about two seconds. You can also turn it off the same way you turn it on by clicking the main power button five times.


Heat Retention Rings

Let’s talk about the Quartz and three Wood heat retention rings. Since the CFV is a full convection vaporizer and the heat is generated outside the oven the quartz ring can trap the heat by absorbing it and almost give the effect of a conduction oven while enhancing the flavor and provides a bigger hit from the extra heat. While the wood ring does not absorb heat it keeps the convection feel while adding extra flavor to the taste of the herb. Installing them for use is pretty easy as well. First you have to unscrew the top part of the oven, once exposed you will notice the ring replace it with the ring of your choice and you’re ready to go.


Functionality and Battery Life

The battery life isn’t that bad I got about 5 or 6 solid sessions with it and it doesn’t take that long to charge either, about 2 hours on charge and its ready to be used again. This unit functions very well especially for the price. This vaporizer runs around $199.95 retail and is a GREAT buy for the price compared to vaporizers at the same range.


Cleaning and Maintenance

The CFV is easy to clean since everything pretty much comes apart. When you take off the top of the unit it has a little slider underneath that separates the mouthpiece from where it attaches to the oven. Also the top of the oven unscrews and is easy to replace the screen and ring. Using alcohol wipes and the brush provided I found it really easy to clean and maintain.


Where to buy the Boundless CFV?

You can find the Boundless CFV for only $179.95 at Vaporizer Chief. I found their customer service to be quick and painless. And they carry all Boundless products! This is a no-brainer.




Final Thoughts

The CFV has been one of the more efficient vaporizers I’ve used. While I do like big displays, I like simple displays even more.  No confusing features, easy 5 click to power on, and good battery life made this unit one of my favorites. For the price point, the CFV is one of the best, if not the best. Boundless seems to be one of the more competitive vaporizer brands coming up with good quality products.