DaVinci IQ Vaporizer Review

The Davinci IQ

“Pure Innovation” is how Davinci describes the IQ, their latest vaporizer that is nothing short of incredible. The precision vaporizer has smart path technology, a unique LED light up interface in the front of the unit, as well as an app that can power the unit on and off with also being able to control a few other options. One of the best vaporizers in it’s weight class, the IQ doesn’t disappoint with it’s top of the line innovative features and small sleek sexy design that doesn’t lack at all in efficiency.


What’s in the Box?

  • The Davinci IQ Vaporizer
  • User Manual
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 18650 Battery
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Chimney Brush
  • Keychain Tool
  • Herb Funnel
  • 10mm Adapter



The DaVinci IQ Vaporizer is a next gen conduction vape that is comparable to the famous PAX 3. This small sleek handheld efficient beast is about as heavy as a cell phone but tiny enough to conceal in your hand. A zirconia ceramic bowl/oven is located at the bottom of the unit under an easy accessible hatch. Not only the bowl/oven is made with zirconia but a few other pieces on the IQ are as well, including the 2 mouthpieces that come with the unit as well as the flavor chamber located under the mouthpiece. Just in case you aren’t too familiar with what Zirconia is, it’s defined as zirconium dioxide, a white solid used in ceramic glazes and refractory coatings and is also used as a synthetic substitute for diamonds in jewelry. It’s nickname is “Ceramic Steel” because it has properties of ceramic but it’s also as tough as steel with the ability to heat up to 2,400ºC (4,352ºF). It also has a replaceable 18650 battery that you can charge inside the unit with the provided USB micro charger or externally with a 18650 battery charger which is not included with the Davinci IQ. The IQ also features “Smart Path” Technology that you can control on the Davinci IQ app, which is available for free at any App Store (Google, Apple, Etc.).


Ease of Use 

The IQ can be turned on manually by tapping the top button on the device 5 times rapidly or remotely through the Davinci IQ App. Pack your dry herb at the bottom of the device inside the zirconia ceramic oven, close the latch, and wait till the unit is heated to your desired temperature, then enjoy.


Smart Path Technology

Davinci offers Smart Path Technology with the IQ and allows you to choose between 1 of the 4 available smart paths to customize to your vaping preference. What is a Smart Path you ask? Smart paths on the device are presets that start at your desired temperature and slowly climb 20 degrees from it’s starting point in a 10-minute session period. Along with just being able to use it at your desired temperature preference, Davinci claims all the Smart Paths can be used for different times of the day to increase your vaping experience. The following are the 4 Smart Paths and their temperatures with a brief description of what time of the day each smart path is recommended for use and typical experience and feeling from each smart path, as described by Davinci from their website.

The following information can also be found on Davinci’s website for more in depth detail.

Smart Path # 1 (350°F / 176°C – 370°F / 188°C) “High Noon”

Start off point for new comers. Words that could best describe the typical experience of Smart Path #1 are; light, sweet. relieving, aware, focused, short, serene, refreshing, head-change.

Smart Path # 2 (370°F / 188°C – 390°F / 198°C) “SUNSET”

Works great for post-workout recovery! Words that could best describe the typical experience are; cerebral, complete, distracted, spacey, full, leisurely, balanced, relief, hungry, awake.

Smart Path # 3 (390°F / 198°C – 410°F / 210°C) “MOONLIGHT”

The Perfect Nighttime medication! Words that could best describe the typical experience of smart path #2 are; artistic, inspired, cerebral, relieving (pain), calming, energetic, inventive, effective.

Smart Path # 4 (410°F / 210°C – 430°F / 221°C) “SANDMAN”
Great for that couch-lock experience. Words that could best describe the typical experience are; impactful, the show-stopper, gets the job done, happy, euphoric, intense, vibration, perceptive, aware, “in my head”.


Other Temperature Modes

Precision Mode – where you can choose a desired temperature that will not change unless changed by the user. To use precision mode, tap the power button once while on and select desired temperature.

Boost Mode – To activate boost mode hold the top button. The heater will now slowly work to the unit’s max temperature of 430ºF as long as you continue to hold the button.


IQ Digital Interface

The IQ has a revolutionary stealthy LED interface on the front of the unit that is not only cool in design but also very convenient. You wouldn’t even notice it until the IQ powers on and the LED lights light up in 4 boxes that represent the 4 vapor paths. Once you change through the different temperature modes you see the interface change to read the temperature as well which in manual use is very convenient so you don’t have to rely on the app for use or to see the temperature you’re vaping at.

Davinci IQ 4

The Davinci IQ App 

You do not need to use the App to enjoy the device, however we recommend to use it because it has a lot of cool features that can enhance your vaping experience with the IQ. Once downloaded you create a profile and connect your IQ to the app. The app monitors the total usage time, average session length, and average temperature. It also allows you to customize the 4 smart paths and monitors your use of them as well with a graph that shows that show the timeline vs temperature level.

Vapor Quality & Efficiency

Nothing short of exceptional is what I would say about the Vapor Quality from the IQ. I prefer the extended mouthpiece to the short one for nice rips that is cool on your lips. The dense vapor that comes from this unit is more than surprising. The IQ is very efficient as well in conserving product, one bowl lasted through one long session and probably still could’ve gone a little longer. The Zirconia pearl used in the bowl heats the product evenly by keeping the temperature precise. The pearl heats the oven at the bottom and distributes the heat evenly through the ceramic chamber to burn dry herb evenly. Do not pack the bowl too tight as it will disturb the airflow.

Battery Life

The Davinci IQ has a replaceable 18650 battery that you can charge inside the unit with the provided USB micro charger or externally with a 18650 battery charger which is not included with the Davinci IQ as stated previously. The life of the battery lasts around an hour to an hour and 20 minutes and takes about 2 to 2.5 hours to charge while inside the unit.


Where to buy the IQ?

There is only one place where smart people get their vaporizer, and that’s Vaporizer Chief. You will find the DaVinci IQ for $274.95 at Vaporizer Chief. The people at Chief are attentive and their turn around time is fairly quick. I asked to get signature confirmation for the shipping and found out that they automatically add this feature for orders over $250! I do NOT want to get this unit stolen front my front porch.


Final Thoughts

The Davinci IQ is a very impressive unit providing great flavor, exceptional vapor quality, and convenient portability. It’s innovative features don’t overwhelm the user but in fact enhance the users experience with use of the device. Easy to use and enjoy the IQ is a vaporizer that is user friendly for all types of vape enthusiasts, from beginners just entering the world of vaping to experienced vape masters who love to take advantage of every feature a product has to offer. Priced at around $275 this unit is expensive, but it’s worth every penny I would definitely recommend the Davinci IQ if you are in the market for a top tier vaporizer

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