Difference Between Vaporizer Pens

Wax and oil concentrates are being used more often now which means there is an increasing demand for vaporizer pens. Being a rather than new commodity, many people do not fully understand how they work and the differences between them. In fact, I have come across many discrepancies regarding these vaporizer pens and their correct usage. Some people claim their vapor pens work can work with e-liquid and wax concentrates as well as dry herbs. Understandably there are many people that would like to know the truth in this matter and that is why we are here to help.

The truth is actually somewhere in the middle. You must first understand the purpose of a vaporizer pen and how it works. A vaporizer pen is obviously suppose to “vape” the product which means it will heat the material to a certain temperature before the point of combustion which protects it from direct burning and leaves all the dangerous toxins behind. This means you actually inhale “vapor” instead of smoke and as a result is the absolute healthiest form of smoking.

Your typical “dry herbs” will begin to vaporize at a temperature of around 345F degrees while wax concentrates generally require a higher temperature before reaching the point of combustion. This little fact right here happens to before a very important one that is not always understood, especially those new to vape pens. With this in mind, you can now see that most vaporizer pens are that are designed for concentrates must reach a higher temperature in order to vaporizer the product.  With that being said, the temperatures the between two are still very close and would work if it weren't for another problem, the heating coil.

Most of the vaporizer pens on the market utilize a heating coil inside of a heating chamber in order heat the material which is where the main problems arises. These heating coils are great for vaping concentrates, however, with dry herbs it will cause combustion. This will happen because these extremely hot coils will be directly touching the herbs and will result in them being burned. This means the vape pen will act much more of an electronic pipe rather than a true vaporizer. I've personally found that many smokers actually enjoy it as this type of unit will produce big clouds of smoke rather than vapor which is much lighter. However, if you are looking for the health benefits of vaping then this is the last thing that you want.

Does This Mean There Are No True Vape Pens for Dry Herbs?

When I originally wrote this back in 2013, the answer to this was yes as there were no pen-styled vapes that could properly vape your herbs and was a big part of why the Atmos Raw received such a bad reputation. The good news is technology has evolved rapidly and this is no longer the case. There are now multiple vape pens being manufactured that work great with your marijuana with Atmos now being one of the pioneers of this industry. They've released two fantastic pens, the Atmos Boss and the Atmos Jump, both which are more affordable than most traditional portable vaporizers. The only catch is that these units work strictly with weed and cannot be used with wax concentrates or e-liquid.

What About All "3 in 1" Vaporizers You See Being Advertised?

Almost all of these units utilize the heating coil mechanism that was previously described. Generally they will have 3 different attachments; one for e-liquid, one for concentrates, and one for dry herbs. The problem is that most likely the attachments for the dry herbs and concentrates are going to be very similar or even identical with them both of them requiring the material to be placed directly on the heating coil.  These types of 3 in 1 vape pens usually work great with your concentrates and e-liquid but will cause combustion when used with dry herbs.

Are there are any vape pens that can properly vaporize all 3 materials?

If you're looking for a vape pen that can effectively vape all materials, you may feel a little discouraged with everything you read so far. The truth of the matter is you usually are much better off buying a unit designed specifically for 1 material, however, some of us will have not have the luxury of being able to afford multiple vapor pens. The good news is we are finally starting to have some released that are capable of working correctly with every material, such as the Quickdraw 300-DLX by HoldYourFire.

The QuickDraw is the same as every other 3 in 1 vape pen as it comes with a different cartridge for every material. What separates it from the pack is that dry herb cartridge finally utilizes an oven baking system to heat the dry herbs rather than a coil. This makes all the difference in the world as this type of herb cartridge will vape your marijuana rather than burning it.  In the future, I expect there to be even more advancements but for now at least there is 1 viable option out there.