Trippy Stix Review

The Trippy Stix Essential Oil Vape Pen is the first non cartridge essential oil unit to hit the market.


The unit has dimensions of 5” X ½” (12.5cm X 1.25cm). It is extremely portable and in our opinion has the coolest design of all the vaporizer pens we have reviewed. You can get this unit in almost any color you want, including an extremely unique rasta design.

Manufacturing Quality:

Trippy stix vaporizer pen does not include a cartridge. Instead it offers a permanent, cleanable filter that happens to be American made. This makes the unit unique in comparison to the other vape pens we have reviewed so far.  The only potential drawback we foresee with this design is that the ceramic can’t hold as much oil as the others, meaning you will need to re-charge more often.


Trippy stix retail price is $159.99.


The unit does include a 90-day warranty. However, it is a limited warranty and does not include the heating chamber after it has been used.

Battery Life:

It comes with a typical battery of 3.6v with a 650mAH capacity which typically runs between six to eight hours while  lasting up to 300 draws.

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