Micro G Pen review

micro g pen review

The Micro G Pen is one of the simplest yet most effective wax vape pens out on the market. It’s requires no setup and is almost ready to use straight out of the box. It’s sleek design makes its extremely portable and allows you to feel comfortable using it anywhere!


This Micro G Pen is even smaller than the original G pen and is probably the most portable out of all the vaporizer pens on the market. It’s about the size of a BIC lighter and can easily fit into your pocket.

Ease of use

The Micro G Pen has a simple design that makes it easy to quickly fill up with your favorite oil or wax concentrate. It does not require any setup and is perfect for anyone that is new to using a vaporizer.

Vapor & Taste

This Micro G Pen produces vapor like a boss! With its unique design, it is able to create a cool and smooth vapor that allows you taste the flavor of your wax/oil concentrate while heating it below the point of combustion. The unit is excellent in this regard because I have found that many other portable vaporizers actually will burn the concentrate.


The Micro G Pen contains a rechargeable lithium battery like most other vape pens. The battery is pretty efficient and will generally last for about two days worth of use. It also has a nice feature of automatically turning of the G coil after fifteen seconds of prolonged heating, allowing you to conserve the battery better.


The Micro G Pen is manufactured with high quality parts that have been proven to last over a long period of time. However, it’s important to realize that are many counterfeit G-pen’s being produced in China that are NOT going to be of the same quality. For this reason, I’d definitely recommend buying from an authorized dealer and staying away from Ebay.


The Micro G Pen is definitely one of the best wax & oil vapor pens I have came across. It’s the most discreet vaporizer pen currently out there and can be transported just about anywhere. Once it’s charged all you need to do is pack it up, put the cap on, press the button and you’re going to get some major vapor hits. On top of that, it is virtually odorless allowing you to use it out in public without drawing attention. For the price, you can’t go wrong investing in one of these little units.

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