Pax by Ploom Vaporizer Review

The Pax, in my opinion, is different from all other vapes out there. It is not flashy or complex, yet it works so very well. Additionally, the battery life and flavor are wonderful. The Pax is great for beginners, but is high-end enough to appeal to expert users as well. Its quality is undeniable, and its features are certainly remarkable for such a small vape.

Battery Life

Charging the Pax is super easy, though different from the standard method. The Pax comes with a little charging station that you simply place the unit on upside down. It usually takes about an hour and half to fully charge the Pax, which is not much time at all! The battery itself is also very good, lasting for about ten standard sessions (each nearly ten to fifteen minutes).

Using the Pax

Unlike many vapes out there today, the Pax has its main power controls on the inside. When you first buy your Pax, I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the unit by opening up the inside, both on the bottom and underneath the mouthpiece.

So how do you use the Pax? First open the bottom by pushing in one side or the other; either way works fine. You should see the pushed side go inward while the other pops out, making it fairly easy to take off this little piece of machinery. From here, it is pretty simple to load your herbs into what Ploom (the designers and developers) calls the oven. This is generally called the chamber as well. I have a screen folded and inserted into this oven, in order to vape the herbs more efficiently and easily. Make sure the Pax is of a cool temperature when you load! Also be careful to have your herbs only in the silver chamber, with none spilling out. Keeping the Pax upright while you vape keeps the herbs in place and makes the process smoother.

To turn the Pax on, simply press the mouthpiece gently. You should hear a ‘click.’ The light on the outside will shine purple while the unit is heating, then turn green when it is ready to go. This vape heats up very, very quickly, which is a wonderful feature. Less waiting time makes any experience better! The light will also turn blue to indicate that the Pax is in low power mode, which occurs when it is not in use to save battery. When you pick up your vape again, however, it will heat back up to the set temperature and be ready for use.

Temperature Range

The Pax has three temperature settings; low, medium, and high. Each is indicated by a different colored light:

Yellow: 370 degrees Fahrenheit

Orange: 390 degrees Fahrenheit

Red: 410 degrees Fahrenheit

The Pax automatically starts up at the medium (orange) temperature, but you are, of course, able to switch between any of the temperature settings whenever you like. To do this, use the groove on the front of the mouthpiece to gently pull off the mouthpiece, revealing a little glowing white button. The light may seem useless, but it is extremely advantageous when vaping anywhere but a very bright setting. The space under the mouthpiece is fairly small and dark, so the light is great for practical use. Upon opening the mouthpiece, the device will automatically turn off to allow you to change the setting. Simply press the button to cycle through the three temperature settings, picking whichever you want. I would recommend starting at the lowest temperature, then gradually moving up throughout your session. Now replace the mouthpiece, and you are ready to go!

Vapor Quality

As the Pax is a very efficient vaporizer, the vapor quality is great. It doesn’t produce a ton of vapor, but the taste of the vapor completely makes up for this small detail. I have personally never tasted a better flavor in any vape as in the Pax, and this has huge appeal. I don’t want to vape something that sticks and lingers to the inside of my mouth long after I have finished vaping; the Pax doesn’t do this at all. In the flavor department, along with many others, the Pax is outstanding.

Price & Warranty

The Pax is selling on Vaporizer Chief for $249.95. There is a ten-year warranty from the purchasing date included by Ploom, which really says something about the quality of this vape. Ploom is certain about the prominence of their product, and they have every right to be! If your Pax malfunctions, send it back to see if the issue is covered by the warranty. Then you will either receive your repaired Pax, a new Pax, or a price refund.

Final Thoughts

The Pax is a wonderful vape. Period. It is very easy to use, especially for those who are just entering the vape world. The three temperature settings offer enough variety for personalization, but not too much to overwhelm. Its appearance is simplistic yet refined, unassuming yet appealing. The flavor is better than in any other vape I have tried. One downside is that the Pax requires a decent amount of upkeep. It is vital to clean your vape regularly, especially if you use it frequently, because the built up residue can harm the product. It will also make the pull a lot more difficult and the efficiency to decline. Altogether, however, the Pax is extremely solid, reliable, and marvelous.

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