Sky Cloud Vaporizer Review

The Sky Cloud is one of the newest versions of vapor pens that features a 3 in 1 design being manufactured by the up and coming brand known as KandyPens. It comes with 3 separate atomizers that all fit into one unit, giving you the luxury to use it with your favorite waxes, oils , and dry herbs.


The Sky Cloud is modeled after the popular “Elips” vaporizer but features an even more sleek design. In addition to being both light-weight and portable, this unit will also have you vaping with style.

Ease of use

The Sky Cloud is unique because it’s one of a very few select units on the market that offers compatibility with wax & oil concentrates in addition to dry herbs. This means that package comes with 3 different atomizers with each one designed to work exclusively with a specific concentrate. There might be a very small learning curve for those of you who are new using vape pens. However, KandyPens does provide an instruction manual that fully explains how to use each attachment. After using an attachment once, you should find it quite easy to quickly load your favorite concentrate and ready to vape!

Vapor & Taste

Even though this unit is extremely small and similar in size to the Micro G Pen, it still packs a deceptively big punch. The Sky Cloud features a unique heating element that brings it to a perfect temperature which enables you to get a full taste of whatever dry herbs or concentrate you put inside of it. Unfortunately, that’s something we cannot say about most other vape pens and is reason why we have this rated so highly as one of our favorites.


This device has a rechargeable lithium battery like just about every other vaporizer pen on the market. It is very efficient battery that can allow for consecutive days worth of use before a re-charge is needed. The one factor that makes this unit stand out in comparison to others is that KandyPens offers a lifetime warranty on their battery. As far as we know, they are the only company currently doing so.


The SkyCloud has all of it’s parts manufactured in China but appears to use higher quality grade parts than other units you see coming out of there. It has a compact design and after spending time testing all of it’s features, we’ve come to the conclusion that overall it is a pretty durable device.


The SkyCloud is one of the best multifunctional vaporizer pens we have seen come out. It has the versatility to be used with different forms of concentrates while maintaining a very appealing design.  It’s also light-weight and portable which means you can bring just about everywhere with you. If you’re looking for a high quality vapor pen at an affordable price, this is definitely one of the top units you need to consider.

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