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The Snoop Dogg G pen vaporizer is one of the latest editions to come from Grenco Science, with the product actually being designed by Snoop Dogg himself. This unit is designed to work strictly with dry herbs and is possibly the coolest looking vape pen out there. However, I must make it clear that this unit utilizes a heating coil system that will actually burn your herbs instead of vaporizing them. It is much more an electronic pipe rather than a vaporizer.


The Snoop Dogg vape pen is the same size as the original G Pen and just as portable. The unit has Snoop Doggs signature engraving while featuring a road map of Long Beach, California. Overall it has a beautiful design and easily one of the most stylish on the market.

Ease of use

The Snoop Dogg G Pen has a fashionable design while still maintaining simplicity. The kit comes with everything you need and almost ready to use right out of box. It’s so simple that you don’t even need to open the instruction manual to set it up. Once the unit is charged and properly put together, all you need do is fill the heating chamber and you’re good to go. The heating chamber is easily accessible and can be quickly re-loaded within seconds which is another great feature with this device.

Vapor & Taste

The Snoop Dogg vaporizer has a heating element that is not quite as strong as the one you would find in the Atmos Raw, a similar dry herb vapor pen. However, this is actually not a bad thing because it means you’re getting some more vapor rather than combustion with smoke as the Atmos often produces. This unit is still capable of producing some draws and allows you to get a nice taste of the herbs you have inside.


This device is contains a rechargeable lithium battery and is extremely efficient. The battery will generally last for about three days worth of use and is capable of producing over 100 draws . It also has a nice feature (similar to the micro-G Pen) of automatically turning of the G coil after 8 seconds of prolonged heating, allowing you to conserve the battery better.


The Snoop Dogg vaporizer is manufactured by Grenco Science, which is a highly reputable company known for making some great products. This unit is brand new and it’s impossible to know the durability of this item yet. However, given the companies reputation and the fact that is designed with high quality parts, I would have no inclination to think this unit won’t hold up over time.


The Snoop Dogg G Pen is one of the newest dry herb pens of 2014 designed by the rapper himself. The vape pen itself is very lightweight and is great to have away from home. This unit is the coolest looking one we have come across as of yet and will definitely have your friends asking where you got yours. In addition, it is well-made and produced by a reputable company that offers a solid warranty. This unit retails for only $99.99 and functions similarly to the Atmos Raw but for HALF the price! It is definitely a steal at this price and and is a great option for those of you looking to buy a dry herb vapor pen.

Snoop dogg g vaporizer

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