Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1

If you’re going to get quality vapor pens, you’re going to want to buy the Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1 vaporizer. It uses very high quality materials to make this a very convenient vape to use on the go.

When you get the vaporizer, you’ll notice that it comes with many different accessories. The 900 mah battery comes which can use the dry herb heating chamber, the MT3 BCC Liquid tank, the wax heating chamber and the glass globe atomizer which you use for wax oils. You’ll also be using the cleaning brush after every use and have a packing tool handy. You can read the user manual on how to use it. It uses a USB wall charger that you can use on any USB device. The Vaporite Stratus has an LED indicator that’ll allow you to see the number of pulls you have left. It’ll take 4 to 5 hours before you should full charge it after using it all day. Charging only take 45 mins since it uses 4.2V and the charging current is 420 mAh. If there’s any portable vaporizer you’d want to use, it would be the Vaporite Stratus 4-in-1.

You get many benefits using the Vaporite Stratus. You can dab with it, use it to tamper down smoking tobacco and use it for your favorite herbal blends. It uses high quality titanium for the heating chamber and will last you a long time before needing new tops. Doesn’t hurt to know you get 4 different attachments to use it multiple ways for those who love changing it up. Vaporizing with the Stratus, you’ll notice very thick and combustion free clouds vaping with any type of attachment. When you buy this, you will be so excited to finally own one of the best vape kits in the industry. You get a 6 month limited warranty with Vaporite if your unit fails to continue to work. This vaporizer kit would be best used for the people that want to experience multiple types of ways to vaporize. It best for cigarette smokers that love to blaze up different ways.

Doing some tests with the Stratus, we found out you will save 8.5 grams of materials per ounce. If you spend around $15 a gram, you’ll save $125.50 an ounce. You know this conduction style vaporizer will save you money in the long run. You won’t go wrong with durability as the Stratus uses titanium-grade heating. You can buy this pen vaporizer for only $69.99 at many vaporizer stores.

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