Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review

It’s been roughly 5 years since I started smoking with vaporizers and in that time, I’ve tried just about every mainstream device there is, as well as plenty that fall outside that category. However, for whatever reason, the Volcanic Digit Vaporizer and I never crossed paths once during that time.

I have always been familiar with it, of course. Anyone who smokes vaporizers and/or is interested in the in industry knows of the German-made product. Over the last 10 years, I had certainly heard plenty of talk from both sides of the aisle when it came to the device too. There were those who swore by it and claimed it would rival any other option on the market. But then there were also those who claimed it was nothing more than over-priced, over-hyped garbage.

This entire time, the one main barrier to entry I faced—and the one I suspect most people face—was the price involved. Say what you will about the Volcano, the price is certainly enough to make it stand out. If you want the pleasure of owning one, it will cost you close to $700. Not many vaporizers on the market can claim to cost close to even half that.

The Inner Workings
One look at the Volcano Digital Vaporizer will also separate it from any other device you may have considered in the past. It looks like a tiny little digital volcano with its convex construction. Plus, when it comes time to using it, the vaporizer has a bag attached to it. This bag is used to hold air that is then heated and forced over and through the collection of herbs or tobacco you’re smoking. Attached to the bag is one way valve, which you then use to inhale its contents once smoke has filled it. This might sounds like a complex system and, to some degree, it is. But recall that this vaporizer is from Germany. If there’s one thing you can say about Germans, it’s that they take their engineering seriously. From my experience, this vaporizer is no exception. There are no extraneous parts and each one works in concert well with the others. One exception to this rule is the plug. For a tabletop unit, I would have though ten feet would be more appropriate. Sadly, the plug on the Volcano is only six.

Using the Volcano
Alright, so when you first turn the Volcano on, it will take about two to three minutes before it will be hot enough to use. However, as soon as you see it heating up, you can begin filling the chamber with the amount you wish to smoke. When you’ve reached the level you prefer, press the insert on the filling chamber down, but not too tightly, just until it’s secure. Once the unit has reached its temp, you may fit the filling chamber on the top and turn on the fan. Give it a few seconds for the warm air to work the chamber and then snap on the bag. Immediately, it should begin to inflate and be full within 30 seconds. At that point, you’ll remove both the bag and the chamber and then separate the two. The valve will be sealing the bag, so all you need to do is attach the mouthpiece. Now you can begin enjoying your vapors.

Inhaling the Bag
If you’ve never used a Volcano before, I can just about guarantee that first lungful will change your perspective on vaporizers forever. Vapors from the Volcano are pure and mellow. You may not even feel them in your throat.
For me, I can finish each bag in about two lungfuls. When I load the chamber all the way, it gives me between three and four bags filled all the way out (which is about two feet).

The Verdict
Once you begin using the Digital Volcano vaporizer a couple times, the above directions will become second nature. Other than that, literally the only drawbacks of using this machine are that it’s so expensive and that silly cord is too short. Otherwise, this one is definitely worth saving up for. I can just about guarantee whatever you’re smoking now will get replaced and you’ll never miss it. The Volcano is that good.

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